Bold and Expressive Portraits in Oil or Aquarelle

As we move through life, things break- physically, mentally, emotionally. We strive to find the balance between the parts that hurt and those that contain joy. These are the emotions I focus on when I paint or draw. Creating images of people, the question is, "How can I convey what brings joy to this person?" While creating, I am lifted and happy. My hope is when the individual sees themselves, or when others gaze upon the finished piece, they feel an emotion. Rendering portraits and narratives of 'Men', focuses on evolving ideals of beauty in our society instead of the the more accepted 'feminine' beauty. Using the male form, I bring expressive brushwork and pops of bold color that create energy. I try to create images that possess a sense of affection, care and admiration. They are not just portraits of strong men, which is how men want to be portrayed. They contain warmth and convey emotion. Even the simple portraits contain a narrative. The way I create has changed me. Not just in the natural evolution of growing as an artist and perfecting my craft, but in connection I have to the emotion emitted on the surface. Art can bring people closer. If it brings a smile or a tear, or someone's heart has been touched, I am honored.